CBST Psalms Class Offerings: Contributors Index

My part of the work to make these offerings available online is dedicated to Jackie Cassada z”l, a wonderful person and lifelong friend who died of covid-19 on December 29, 2020.

Randy Axelrod

11 15 17

Robin Baslaw

9 13

Yael Bat-Chava



Side effects of massive US infections: a question

Fact: Viruses that mutate rapidly, like the flu and coronavirus, do that mutating while reproducing in host cells. The more widespread the infections, the more opportunities for mutation.

Fact: The infection rate in the US is gigantic. As of this writing, there…

Do you know anyone who has been blocked from getting hired because they are ‘too old’ or ‘lack experience’? Age-related stereotypes cause trouble for both youngers and olders. One of them is the bogus idea that older people lack interest in learning.

(Full disclosure: this story is based on personal…

Joan Friedman

Learning data science after decades as a software and build engineer…

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